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Reviews On TWA Courses

'As am a beginner for AIP, it was very helpful with the step by step explanation. Thank you.'
'The video explanations and screenshots really help wrap your head around things.'
'Clear explanations, engaging delivery, knowledgeable instructor'
'Very efficient - i love that its super clear, very slow and professional‚Äč , not rushing'
'Really the best approach to email security i saw, complex issues made simple'
'Good course for beginners to get their home office set up in a protected way. Doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge to understand.'

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Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP)

Learn how to install and implement Microsoft's Azure Information Protection for automatic file and email encryption.

Anti Phishing And Email Security

Learn the role of email security, how to prevent email phishing and the GDPR implications of not staying secure.

Azure Information Protection Staff Training

How to use this incredible encryption tool from Microsoft.

Protect Your Computer From Getting Hacked

How to assess and respond to cyber security threats in a home office or personal network environment.

Azure Information Protection Scanner

How to classify and encrypt your existing and archived on-prem data using Microsoft's Azure Information Protection Scanner.

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