Penetration Testing Services

Assess Your Security And Map Your IT Vulnerabilities

Act BEFORE Getting Hacked

Find out your weak points BEFORE you get hacked so you can fortify and strengthen your IT security to PREVENT breaches.

Prevent Data Getting Out

It's not all about stopping someone getting in, it's preventing data leakage and information getting out.

Analyze Your Whole IT Topology

We’ll go through everything inside and out throughout your entire infrastructure. No stone left un-turned. 

Our Experience

At TowerWatch we prize ourselves on customer satisfaction and we love what we do. We are geeks at heart with a passion for IT and that’s why we’ve been nailing client project completions and IT management packages for over 10 years. Our stats include:  
  • 150+ Satisfied Businesses
  • 10+ Years' Experience
  • 80 Successful Project Implementations Per Year
  • Senior Microsoft Partners
  • Specialisation in Cyber Security
  • ACTUAL GDPR Implementation Experience in the Hospitality Industry
  • BCLE BCP Certification
  • Experience Managing IT Budgets Within Hospitality
So, whatever your location needs, we got you. 

Review Risks & Impacts

We’ll help you understand the risks and what this means for your bottom line. As well as give them a priority rating on what you need to address first. 

Act Before You Get Hacked!

Let us take care of your penetration testing

Find Solutions That Work

Based on the extensive analysis of results and our findings, we can help you find potential cost-effective security solutions to suit you.

Let's Talk

Drop us a call or email to chat about your IT or cyber security needs and we’ll be happy to help. 
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