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Anyone Can Implement These Solutions

Most IT courses are aimed at people who are already techie or have an interest in IT!

Ours are aimed at small business owners with no IT knowledge to make them truely accessible and help you get the same solutions the bigger brands have access to.

Worlds First and ONLY Automatic Encryption Course for Small Businesses

Learn from start to finish how to implement Microsoft's Azure Information Protection in your small business to get automatic email and file encryption!
GDPR compliant & saves over £20,000 in project costs!

Free IT Support

In our online support community you can get free IT support, ask any questions and get the help you need for free.

Each course also has a dedicated online forum or you can join the Facebook community by clicking here.

Why Us?

Our pride and joy is making sure our clients get the most from their IT solutions. We love translating geek speak and the technical into everyday language so that business owners can enjoy their technology, make it work best for them and focus on what they do best!
Here’s some of our stats: 
  • 150+ Satisfied Businesses
  • 10+ Years' Experience
  • 80 Successful Project Implementations Per Year
  • Senior Microsoft Partners
  • Specialisation in Cyber Security
  • ACTUAL GDPR Implementation Experience
  • BCLE BCP Certification
  • ICO Registered
We’ve designed these courses to help smaller businesses get the same technological advantages as bigger brands!

Popular Paid Courses:

World Exclusive Automatic Encryption Course

Using Microsoft's Azure Information Protection, you can roll out this enterprise level solution for automatic file and email encryption yourself.

Fully supported | GDPR Compliant Solution | A Fraction of the cost

*Use 'TowerWatch20' to get 20% off

Popular Free Courses:

Improve Performance on an Older Machine

Don't give up on your computer just yet! With this free training you can improve computer performance on a MAC or PC.

Understand Email Protection in the Age of GDPR

Get some answers on GDPR Email terminology, how to protect your business and what's required of businesses with GDPR in effect.

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