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You can't be a jack of all trades, if you need an injection of knowledge into your team, give us a call. With over 10 years experience in the IT industry with specialisation in cyber security and project management, TowerWatch can help. Our group of dedicated professionals has a wide breadth of knowledge and can help your organization with any project your team is undertaking adding experience-based knowledge to enhance your organization.

Eli Migdal - CEO and Founder of TowerWatch and Migdal Computing


Eli Migdal, has been active in the IT field for over 10 years and helped countless businesses of all sizes advance their IT solutions to meet their needs. An offensive security hacking (OSCP) trained cyber security expert for enterprises through to SMEs, Eli consults and offers solutions to organisations around the globe. With high profile clients across Israel and Europe, he is considered one of the leading data classification and encryption experts.

He's a young entrepreneur at heart with 3 successful businesses in the IT industry before the age of 30! He's a geek, lover of Memes, and customer satisfaction is his number one priority.

  • IT Security
  • DLP
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Advanced Backup Solutions
  • General IT Projects
  • Mobile Data Management
  • BYOD Solutions

What We're Experts In

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Physical to Virtual Migration
  • Security Methodology Implementation
  • IP Telephone Solutions
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazone AWS
  • Microsoft 365
  • IT Auditing

Pro Consulting Services

  • Characterisation, planning and implementation of complete IT systems for existing businesses or a new company wanting to start on the right foot.
  • Characterization, planning and implementation of Datacenters, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Solutions, Cloud Solutions, Cloud Migrations and Hybrid Solutions.
  • Encryption and Data Leakage Prevention
  • Service Desk Solutions
  • IT Project Management
  • IT System Efficiency
  • IT Training and Recruitment
  • IT Budget Control and Audit

Our Experience

At TowerWatch we prize ourselves on customer satisfaction and we love what we do. We are geeks at heart with a passion for IT and that’s why we’ve been nailing client project completions and IT management packages for over 10 years. Our stats include:  
  • 150+ Satisfied Businesses
  • 10+ Years' Experience
  • 80 Successful Project Implementations Per Year
  • Senior Microsoft Partners
  • Specialisation in Cyber Security
  • ACTUAL GDPR Implementation Experience in the Hospitality Industry
  • BCLE BCP Certification
  • Experience Managing IT Budgets Within Hospitality
So, whatever your location needs, we got you. 

Recruitment & Management For IT Staff

  • Recruitment of In-House IT Employees
  • Professional Interview Assesments
  • Worldwide Recruitment (English, Hebrew and Russian)
  • Professional Management Services (monthly/quarterly/annually) – Verify the employee meets the goals set by the management. A very efficient solution for a company that has a local “ IT Administrator” with no IT professional management above them.

Let's Talk

For more information on how our consultancy services would suit you, contact us to get started… 
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  • Israel Office - +972-747036680
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