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What We Do

TowerWatch Solutions LTD brings years of experience in hosting, both in local and global datacentres such as Microsoft/Amazon/Rackspace. We offer the best cloud solution with a perfect customized fit to your computing needs We also offer hybrid solutions to connect your local datacentres with the cloud servers in order to get the best of both worlds.

Our Services

  • Server hosting for all kind of needs: Development/Production/ERP/SQL and more…
  • Replication servers for Veeam/VMWare HA/Hyper-V
  • ERP solutions in the Cloud (SAP/Sage/QuickBooks and more…)
  • Terminal Server solutions for complete “Desktop Experience“
  • All kinds of backup servers – DFS/DRP/BCP etc..
  • Exchange Hosting
  • Cloud File servers with High IO
  • Cloud SQL servers with High IO
  • Active Directory cloud solutions for redundancy
  • Cloud CRM solutions

Remote Desktop Services

All the tools for the modern office “one click away” with secure access from any station with an internet connection. The most cost-efficient solution for almost any SMB, you can receive the best products with no “one time expense” on expensive computers/servers/backups and such. Once you have connected to the system you will get your normal desktop with all the needed features: Office (Word, Excel and such), file storage, email solutions and ERP. The platform can be use to install almost any program that your business requires. All the “work” is done on the remote server and no data is kept locally. We offer the implementation and setup of this system on the Microsoft Azure platform/AWS and locally hosted solutions.

Business Needs One Click Away

  • Secure connection from any computer
  • Supports “Thin Clients”
  • Support full segregation in file servers (you can control who can access which resources)
  • Integrated backup solutions
  • Integrated MS Office with licensing
  • Integrated MS Exchange email solution
  • The highest level of IT security (NTLM connection/IP filters/IPS)
  • Remote printing solutions
  • Remote scanning solutions
  • ERP – Oracle/SAP B1/SAP HANA and such
  • Optional VPN site-to-site connection for maximum security
  • Optional RMS encryption system

Office 365

Migdal Computing Solutions LTD (TowerWatch Solutions’ sister company) is a senior Microsoft Partner that specializes in 365 and Azure implementation. We have successfully migrated over 250 clients from local systems to the Microsoft 365 cloud. We have the capability to execute a smooth migration which has minimal impact on the business. Our experience and proven track record will give you stability and confidence.

Our 365 Implementation Solutions

  • Hybrid 365 – Combine the local Exchange system with the 365 Exchange Cloud
  • Phased 365 Migration – a step by step migration for minimal business impact in which during the migration the already migrated users and the non-yet-migrated users have full mail flow connectivity and the entire procedure will seem “transparent“
  • One Cut 365 Migration – a weekend migration project to migrate the entire company in “One Go”
  • 365 to PST backup solutions to ensure you have the best Microsoft 365 solution with the additional local backup
  • Advanced Mail-Relay solutions (provided by PINEAPP LTD)

Microsoft Azure

TowerWatch Solutions LTD is a senior Microsoft Partner who specialized in Azure IAAS solutions (Infrastructure As A Service) Azure is the powerful datacentre solution from Microsoft which offers IAAS solutions The Azure datacentres are spread worldwide and offer unprecedented redundancy and strength. You (as the client) receive all the computing power this platform can offer without the need to purchase hardware and infrastructure. TowerWatch Solutions LTD has vast experience in planning, implementing and supporting Azure servers. We currently provide support for dozens of companies who have decided to implement the Azure solution with us.

Our Solutions

  • Planning Azure systems as a hybrid solution
  • Planning Azure systems as a full computing solution
  • Installation and implementation of ERP solutions on the Azure platform
  • Migration to Azure of operational systems (Local to Azure/VMWare to Azure/Cloud to Azure)
  • Azure based Remote Desktop Services solutions
  • Azure based SQL clustering
  • BCP/DRP solution on the Azure platform
  • Site To Site/VPN solutions for Azure
  • MPLS solutions for Azure

Offsite Backup

An offsite backup is necessity in the modern world. One which can supply a solution in case of a disaster such as: Fire, Theft, Flood etc. The goal of the solution is to have an offsite backup of all your data that can be easily restored in case of a disaster on your main site. TowerWatch Solutions LTD offers all kinds of offsite solutions with an emphasizes on information security, encryption and classification. We have been offering offsite backup solutions from 2005 and have vast experience in this area. Our experience allows us to safely say: “We can backup any system offsite, in almost any scenario”

Our Offsite backup solutions

  • Implementation and support for “Crashplan Enterprise” offsite backup product (best value for money solution)
  • Offsite backup to a local server farm for fast recovery scenarios
  • VPN based + encrypted offsite backups (ideal for IP sensitive data + defence contracts)
  • Database optimized backups
  • Remote Veeam solutions
  • Remote Backup to Azure
  • BCP Solutions

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