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Case Study of GDPR Cyber Security Vulnerabilities in the Hospitality Industry

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Everyone has recently come out of the woodwork to discuss how they can help keep you safe from GDPR cyber security vulnerabilities and threats due to the looming deadline.

But, for most of them, it’s just theory.

After all, GDPR doesn’t become enforceable until May which leaves some room for them to figure it out as they go. With this in mind, we wanted to set ourselves apart and show we know EXACTLY what we are talking about because we have ALREADY DONE IT. By already implementing several successful projects to protect our clients, not just for the sake of GDPR, but for the increasing amount of cyber security threats.

Our Case Study

But don’t take our word for it. That’s why we have created a case study to look specifically at the GDPR cyber security vulnerabilities we have detected in the hospitality industry while implementing IT solutions and GDPR protections. We look at two different cases, a small-to-medium and medium sized organisation and the solution for protecting from internal and external cyber security threats in line with GDPR. Are we giving away our secret formula? No. But, it should give you an indicator of the vulnerabilities to look for to see if you have the protection you think you do.