BCP-DRP Solutions

Eli Migdal, CEO, is a graduate of the DRII course and has BCLE BCP certification. This combined with over 10 years experience with IT systems, means we can provide the highest quality BCP and DRP solutions.

BCP - Business Continuity Plan

DRP - Disaster Recovery Plan

Business continuity is a concept that originated from the Army/Defence/Banking fields and other core systems but today BCP is in the heart of any medium/enterprise size business. Today they are lot of businesses who cannot afford any downtime in their critical systems and are searching for HOT REPLICATION solutions who can assure zero downtime.​ The main difference between BCP and DRP is: BCP is to prevent the disaster affecting the customer in a pro-active way and DRP is to provide a solution after the disaster has occurred.

BCP Solutions

  • Characterization, Planning and Execution of the BCP to all levels of the business
  • Full characterization of the BCP needs of the business
  • Initialization of the BCP at management level
  • Building a BIA – Business Impact Analysis
  • Characterization, Planning and Execution of hot failover systems (instant switch and replication between main and redundant systems)
  • Characterization, Planning and Execution of cold failover systems (failover from a standby system which can be turned on within a pre-determined schedule)
  • Training and awareness for the entire organization
  • Training for the IT staff to perform the BCP

DRP Solutions

  • Characterization, Planning and Execution of a DRP solution
  • DRP solutions for servers and computers
  • VEEAM based DRP solutions
  • Data replication and standby solutions
  • Training for IT Staff to perform the DRP