Office 365 Security - Minimal impact

We create solutions that allow you to carry on working remotely in a secure way with minimal to no impact during implementation – it’s that simple. 

Secure Remote Working

Everyone has had to adapt to working remotely, but many haven’t been able to do this securely and compliantly. Leaving their businesses at risk. 

Completely Customiseable

Set custom triggers for classification so you can protect exactly the information you want. From personal data to confidential business information. 

Easily Scaleable

 The security solutions we provide work whether you have 1 member or staff, external consultants, or thousands of staff. 

How We Help...

Advanced Office 365 Security Consulting
Secure Office 365 and Your Remote Team With Us...

We offer solution consulting on the best way for you to secure office 365 for you and your business consumption. Plus if you choose, we use our trained project team to implement them for you. We can help you customise classification solutions to suit your business and help you keep working in a way that’s best for you – just more secure and compliant than before! Drop us a message or arrange a call back below and we’ll be in touch in a day or two. Or if you’re ready to go, book in your session with us.  

*Scoping, solution design, and recommendation consulting start at £250


Now you can have your remote team maintain GDPR or CCPA compliance from anywhere in the world by securing information for all of your team remotely at cloud level. 

Included in the protection is email classification and encryption so you can secure your emails. Whether you send a lot of personal information, want to be compliant, or you want to send confidential internal info, we can help encrypt your Outlook email automatically for you. 

Automatically classify and encrypt your documents without your remote staff or contractors needing to intervene. No extra work load, just safe and secure working. 

One of the biggest issues in cybersecurity is trying to control the ‘human element’. We all make mistakes but these can be costly, particularly in compliance. By securing Office 365 even if staff send to the wrong person, it won’t cause data leakage. 

Once you’re set up it allows any devices including BYOD (bring-your-own-device) including tablets, phones, and laptops to be included in the secure online working. 

Over 15 years experience consulting for Microsoft as well as implementing and deploying Microsoft solutions for clients. Both in London and the global hospitality industry, as well as various other sectors around the world. 

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