We’ve been helping legal, retail, and hospitality sector businesses (and everyone in between) for over a decade to meet their cyber security and IT project needs. We’re the go-to provider for advanced Microsoft security implementation, as well as encryption projects to ensure you’re protected and compliant in the current remote climate. 

We work with project managers, as well as businesses directly to consult, plan, and implement the relevant cyber security, encryption, networking, cloud, and other IT project needs for your business. 

Recent Clients

Our primary focus and experience is on the unique cyber security challenges of non-traditional office businesses. From growing consulting firms, remote law firms, and those who work outside of an office we help get the same level of protection and compliance you can get in a traditional setting. We also help lawyers become compliant with global data protection laws, and have hands-on GDPR tech compliant projects. 

Thanks to our team we’re the one-stop-shop for cyber security and IT solutions offering support on everything working and collaboration to in-depth penetration testing and encryption or GDPR technological implementations. 

Club La Costa

We helped Club la Costa World Resorts implement Microsoft AIP classification and encryption alongside full Office 365. This provided full protection to customer and business data, as well as meet industry specific compliance and guidance. 


We helped agricultural tech giant Adama with cyber security project roll out to provide security, encryption, and automatic classification to their business. The solutions we provided for this innovative company helped meet industry security and privacy compliance. 


Razer has opened a new location in Leicester Square and we were incredibly proud to be the ‘feet on the ground’ for this IT project implementation. Working with the project managers on the build for this opening was every Geek’s dream

Burger & Lobster

We’ve supported the global growth and expansion of Burger & Lobster from a technological aspect for several years! Providing cyber security consulting, compliance technical projects, project implementation for new locations, and ongoing IT support.

Zelman Meats

We helped Zelman Meats do what it does best by managing their IT, cybersecurity, and project implementation needs for new and existing locations throughout London. 

Wild Tavern

Working directly with project managers, we were able to provide IT, networking, and cybersecurity services for the grand opening of this incredible new restaurant in London.

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